• Cats need to be at least 12 weeks of age.
  • Neutered (unless less than 6 months of age).
  • Minimum of F3 vaccination up to date.
  • Cats must be flea-free on admittance (please administer a de-wormer and flea control product as per your normal routine, we are happy to administer if due while boarding). You can purchase an appropriate product from us if necessary.
  • You are welcome to bring comfort items (such as favourite bed). Please label if possible. However no glass, china or hanging strings allowed in the pens.
  • All cats must be in boxes or on a harness or lead when arriving at the cattery.
  • Please bring with you, or let us know in advance, the details of an emergency contact.

Cat Flu and Illness

Cats can be carriers of the cat flu viruses and therefore cat flu can never be completely prevented. We ensure all boarding cats have up to date vaccinations. Up to date vaccination is the most effective way of preventing disease. We also use a veterinary grade antiviral disinfectant and have a large, comfortable isolation room and isolation protocols in place should we suspect a guest has cat flu or another contagious illness.

Corporate Cats makes every effort to ensure the health and wellbeing of our boarding cats. We cannot be held responsible for any underlying illness which may develop under our care.

Corporate Cats will always contact / arrange an appointment with your cat’s regular veterinarian in the event that they become ill. We also have good relationships with both a mobile vet and a local veterinary emergency clinic. Every effort will be made to contact you or your nominated emergency contact. Appropriate action will always be taken in an emergency. All staff are trained to quickly identify and address any medical needs. Dr Whitnall is a qualified vet with 10 years small animal experience and is in daily contact with the cats.